Copy music content between locations.

See also: the cpe sync command.

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sync(dry_run, target, allow_formats, album_per_dir, ...)

Copy items in playlist to target.

exception calliope.sync.SyncException

Bases: RuntimeError

Error that occured during sync().

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

calliope.sync.sync(dry_run, target, allow_formats, album_per_dir, number_dirs, number_files, playlist)

Copy items in playlist to target.

The default for allow_formats is to allow all formats. You may instead set it to [‘mp3’], which will cause everything to be transcoded to .mp3 format.

  • dry_run (bool) – print list of operations to stdout, instead of running them

  • target (pathlib.Path) – destination folder

  • allow_formats ([str]) – list of extensions to allow

  • playlist (calliope.playlist.Playlist) – input playlist

  • album_per_dir (bool) –

  • number_dirs (bool) –

  • number_files (bool) –