• spotify: Use the much improved resolver introduced in 2.0.0 and extend playlist import action to use spotify IDs and URIs and update existing playlists. By lackhove. #155.

  • spotify: Remove the --user flag, it did not do what it claimed to do. #158.

  • Document how to get Spotify API keys. #161.

  • lastfm-history: Move progress bar to stderr. #160.

  • Other small fixes and documentation improvements.


  • Replace –debug with –verbosity CLI option. Thanks to lackhove. #149.

  • Skip tests if module requirements aren’t installed. Thanks to lackhove. #151.

  • Update CI image with some follow-up fixes.

  • musicbrainz: Add a much improved resolver. Thanks to lackhove. #148.

  • spotify: Small improvements to resolver, add playlist import. #150.

  • youtube: Fix mass playlist export #85.