Examples for Music Collectors

Keeping a collection of your own digital music is fun and exciting. Calliope integrates with multiple tools for managing a local music collection - choose one from this list here.

Online collection to local collection

I download albums from my online music collection but sometimes I miss them. This example lists all the albums I’ve bought on Bandcamp that aren’t available locally.

The script resolves Musicbrainz identifiers from the Bandcamp metadata, because otherwise there are a lot of false negatives from things like “Pictish Trail” vs “The Pictish Trail”, or “Catbite (EP)” vs “Catbite”.

# Albums in your online collection that are missing from your local collection.

ONLINE_ALBUMS="cpe bandcamp --user ssssam collection"
LOCAL_ALBUMS="cpe tracker albums"
#LOCAL_ALBUMS="cpe beets albums"

cpe diff --scope=album <($ONLINE_ALBUMS | cpe musicbrainz annotate -) <($LOCAL_ALBUMS)