Similar tracks

Some online services provide ‘similar artist’ data. You can use this to select music from a collection that has similarity to a given ‘seed’.

For example, if I want to create a playlist from my music collection that was similar in style to the band beNUTS, I can do this:

cpe lastfm similar-artists benuts | cpe tracker expand-tracks | cpe shuffle

Here’s a similar example that looks at the now-playing track in the Rhythmbox music player and enqueues some similar tracks:

cpe lastfm similar-tracks "$(rhythmbox-client --print-playing-format %ta)" "$(rhythmbox-client --print-playing-format %tt)" |
  cpe tracker annotate - | jq 'select(.["tracker.url"]) | .["tracker.url"]' | xargs rhythmbox-client --enqueue