Listening history examples

These examples use the calliope.lastfm.history module to query stored plays from

You should first create a ~/.config/calliope/calliope.conf file specifying your username. For example:


Artists which you discovered this year

# Artists which you discovered in the last year.
# You may want to add `--min-listens=3` to filter out things you only played
# once or twice.

cpe lastfm-history artists --first-play-since='1 year ago'

Music which you haven’t listened to for over a year

# Music which you haven't listened to this year.
# We filter out things that you never listened to much (less than 5 times
# total).

cpe_local_database=${cpe_local_database-cpe tracker}

cpe lastfm-history tracks --last-play-before='1 year ago' --min-listens=5 | \
    cpe shuffle - | head -n 100 | \
    $cpe_local_database resolve-content - | \
    cpe select --constraint=type:playlist-duration,vmin:$duration,vmax:$duration - | \
    cpe export -

If you want to listen to this playlist, resolve the tracks using your local music collection, for example:

examples/listen_history/ | cpe tracker resolve-content - | cpe export -

Music which you’ve never listened to

# A playlist of music that you've never listened to.

cpe diff <(cpe tracker tracks) <(cpe lastfm-history tracks) | cpe export -

Music which you’ve listened to but don’t own

# Music that you've listened to but isn't in your local collection.

cpe_local_database=${cpe_local_database-cpe tracker}

cpe diff <(cpe lastfm-history tracks --min-listens 4) <($cpe_local_database tracks)