Miscellaneous examples

Finding your most listened artists

Using cpe lastfm you can get a list of artists you listen to the most. This is based on the data you have submitted to that service in the past.

cpe lastfm top-artists

The Spotify online streaming service can provide a list of the artists you listen to the most on that platform. See the list with:

cpe spotify top-artists

Using cpe tracker you can get a list of the top artists in your local music collection. This is sorted by the number of tracks you have by that artists rather than by how much you have listened to them:

cpe tracker top-artists

Follow your top artists on Twitter

See above for how to get a list of top artists.

Now pipe that list to cpe musicbrainz --include urls and you’ll get a list of relationship URLs for each artist.

Finally, pipe that into jq:

jq '. | ."musicbrainz.artist.urls" // [] | .[]."musicbrainz.url.target" | "@" + match("^http[s]?://(www\\\.)?twitter.com/(.*)").captures[1].string' -r |sort -u

Now you have a list of Twitter handles. Using a tool such as [t (Twitter CLI) you can add all these handles to a list, or you can just follow all of them directly. Note that you have to fill in a bunch of forms in order to get a Twitter API key before you can use a Twitter CLI tool. The t authorize command will point you in the right direction.